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Strictly Hey-Wake – A Heywood Wakefield Furniture Lover’s Dream Destination Hagerstown, MD

Posted on: September 2, 2011

  • Phone: (301) 733-3682

Just over the Pennsylvania border into Maryland, about an hour outside of DC there’s a treasure trove of vintage blond streamline modern furniture. Yes, it’s the Heywood Wakefield furniture mecca known as Strictly hey-wake in Hagerstown MD.

Blond wood, simple modern lines, art deco inspired curves, I’ve been a fan of Heywood Wakefield furniture ever since I was in college, so I contacted owner Chris Parody and hit the road!

Strictly HeyWake

Chris’ connection to Heywood Wakefield’s streamlined modern furniture began innocently enough back in 1986 when he purchased a Sculptura bedroom set and wanted more pieces. Being bitten by the collector bug – I think some of us know that feeling –  he soon began to accumulate more pieces than he really needed. He then began Strictly Hey-Wake in 1998 to help clear out some of what he had collected. And what a collection!


His showroom is filled with pieces built between the late 1930s to 1950s, all with that nice streamlined clean-lined look. Dining tables, bedroom sets, desks, room dividers, side tables, Heywood Wakefield made it all, and all of quality solid maple and birch.

But if you don’t see what you’re looking for in the showroom, no worries- Strictly Hey-Wake has an entire warehouse full of pieces ready-to-go or right for refinishing. Just look at all of those bookcases! I swoon.

Strictly HeyWake WarehouseWith a background in home improvements (and originally unable to find anyone else to do a good job) Chris has now become one of the leading restorers and refinishers of Heywood Wakefield items, and is often able to match the popular HW finishes of Champagne and Wheat.
Pair of ChairsAnd, while specializing in locating both the common and hard to find vintage pieces, Chris is also adept at accurately recreating the HW look with custom pieces. This is a great service, as he can create queen and king size beds, computer desks and entertainment units for modern living with that vintage look.

I know many of us enjoy the “thrill of the hunt” when collecting, but there’s something to be said for being able to see so many pieces in one space, and know that you could have a set without having to wait years between finding pieces!
ChairIf you’re not within driving distance of Hagerstown MD but want to see what is in stock at Strictly Hey-Wake, the website is updated with photos and descriptions of many of the pieces that are available or that can be custom made or refinished.  So if you like your furniture blond, clean-lined and modern, check out Strictly Hey-Wake.