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The Blue Comet, Glenside PA – A Vintage Cocktail Bar Date Night! Glenside, PA Classic Cocktails and Eats

Posted on: April 2, 2011

2017 Update:  I was lucky enough to pop by The Comet recently during the day, and the place is as swanky as ever  – even in the broad daylight, right before the lunch crowd. As soon as I stepped in and heard the easy listening tunes and saw Kelly the bartender expertly prepping the cocktail bar, I didn’t want to leave and return to the modern world.

Blue Comet Bar & Grill Glenside PA Pennsylvania 2017 Retro Roadmap

A few things have changed since we hepped you cats and kittens to the Comet that you’ll want to know about.

They’ve removed the “Talk to the Person Next To You” sign (though I think a well made vintage inspired one could be added to the collective ephemera on the walls, for old times sake) and there is no more live Rockabilly on Sundays. This however gives more time for folks to enjoy a meal and a cocktail in a civilized environment. (And by civilized I hint that this is not a place to bring the kiddles, as it is a place for grown-ups to escape reality, even for just a little bit.)

Blue Comet Bar & Grill Glenside PA Pennsylvania 2017 Retro Roadmap

Speaking of civilized, there’s additional outdoor seating in the courtyard out back when the weather is nice.

Lastly – if you’re nice (and lucky) and it’s not too busy, and if you ask politely, you might be able to take a sneaky peek at the basement storage space. A collector’s dreamland, it’s got to be seen to be believed (psst. Tell’em Mod Betty sent you!)

Blue Comet Bar & Grill Glenside PA Pennsylvania 2017 Retro Roadmap

Now that I’ve reminded myself how much I dig the Blue Comet I’ll be back more often! Join me, won’t you?

Blue Comet Bar & Grill Glenside PA Pennsylvania 2017 Retro Roadmap

Original 2009 Post:

Looking for a cool place for a classic cocktail, live music and all around hip scene with a vintage vibe? Then look no further than The Blue Comet in Glenside, PA.

The Blue Comet Exterior Sign

I’ve already told you how excited we were to find that The Blue Comet had reopened after being closed for 2 years, and I was psyched that RetroRoadhusband and I were able to visit there recently before-and after- a show at the Keswick Theatre for a swell date night!

ahh, cocktails

It’s a cozy space with the bar up front where you can look at the vintage barware and entertaining kitsch while you wait for your perfect Manhattan to be created by one of their nattily dressed bartenders.

Bar Scene

You can order food at the bar if you like-or wait here for a booth in the back. I like the bar scene here, as you can watch people come and go, and best of all – talk to the person next to you, as instructed by one of their TVs.

Talk To The Person Next To You

Since we were heading out to a show we did order some nibbles from their menu of tasty comfort foods, and decided to sit at one of the upholstered booths in the back to eat.

I dig the mood lighting in the Blue Comet as it does wonders in making everyone look young and beautiful, but alas not so good for the photographing of our meal!

Glass Block Wall and Ortliebs Beer
Folks all around were enjoying their dinner and drinks, and if it were a Saturday or Sunday they’d also be able to enjoy live music, with a Rockabilly bent. The memorabilia above our table showcases some of the bands that had played there in the past.
Rockabilly Rumble PosterSince we were off to see some live music ourselves, we reluctantly had to leave the vintage environment of the Comet sooner than we’d like, but are already making plans to go there with some pals very soon.

Glenside is a neat little enclave of independent businesses – don’t leave without enjoying the science-fiction like displays of their neighbors Humphrey’s Pest Control (in business since the 1950’s – nice!):

Damage To Suitcase By Termites

And, horror of horrors:

Slide Carousel and Slides Destroyed By Termites