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The Bookstore – (Psst It’s Really a Speakeasy!) Bethlehem PA Bethlehem, PA

Posted on: January 28, 2011

The Bookstore – (Psst It’s Really a Speakeasy!) Bethlehem PA

336 Adams Street Bethlehem, PA 18015

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If you go to The Bookstore in Bethlehem PA…tell’em Mod Betty sent ya. Or just to be on the safe side, make a reservation.

Please Wait For The Bookstore Clerk

But you’re not reserving a book, you’re saving your place to head back in time, to a jazz-era speakeasy. And it’s the cat’s meow, honeybunch!

Classic Cocktail

I heard about The Bookstore from Drew Nugent (of Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society) as we were chatting at John Scioli’s rockin’ retro barbershop. It sounded too cool to be true, a space hidden away in an old building that served artisanal cocktails and nibbles, with a live jazz combo.

So when we heard that Drew and his crew were playing there last weekend we met up with our hip Lehigh Valley pals to check it out.

Our friends had been there before, so they knew where the discreet entrance was, on the side of an old stone building. I wasn’t kidding about the reservation part (call or email is your best bet), as the place is small, but charmingly so, and they just might not have room for your party.

Luckily the vintage stars aligned for us and the darling hostess offered to cobble together 4 seats at the bar for us walkins. We were led behind the curtain to a low ceilinged space lit by oil lamps and candles, which was a cozy scene on a freezing cold night.
Pickled Eggs On The Bar The cocktails and hand picked draught beer selections are presented to you inside books and the barkeeps were happy to answer any questions we had about the menu. We had perfect seats to watch them craft our tasty cocktails behind the bar, while also keeping an eye and an ear on Drew and his band, playing music from the jazz era. Those cats were swingin’ and totally added to the back in time ambiance.

Drew Nugent & The Midnight Society

Now I know the speakeasy trend has been in the big cities for years, but with the cool jazz and handcrafted cocktails The Bookstore was the bee’s knees. A perfect way to step back in time when you’re stepping out on the town.

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  • Lori

    Hey everyone,

    A friend of mine told me about The Bookstore and said it was AWESOME! Pricey, but hey, it’s an experience!

    Click on the books!

  • johnnydollar2525

    oops… their website is dead… and we are planning to be there Thanksgiving weekend! i will call, but any idea if they are still open? thanks, j$

  • Drew

    Love it. There’s a book on Lana Turner in there I keep meaning to finish.

    • Mod Betty

      Sounds like the perfect excuse to check the place out again, then!