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The Cutchogue Diner on Long Island’s North Fork Cutchogue, NY

Posted on: August 25, 2010

A well preserved 1941 Kullman, the Cutchogue Diner on Route 25 on the North Fork of Long Island was a great place to begin a day of fun with RetroRoadSuzanne and her RetroRoadfam.

Cutchogue Diner Neon Sign

A small diner with a handful of tables and counter service of course, our gaggle of gals fit nicely at a corner table – always a fave for me. From this vantage point I was able to sit back and admire the vintage 1940’s feel of this diner, replete with tilework, vintage lighting fixtures and marble counter top.

Cutchogue Diner Interior

As we waiting for our pancakes and eggs “over medium” (a new one for me) I was able to admire up close the great diner china teacup with the name emblazoned upon. Kudos to Kim at Perry Designs for adding the spoon to this shot, love that diagonal line!

Cutchogue Cup

I have to say, nothing makes me happier than to introduce folks to the fun of Retro Roadmapping and the importance of supporting the vintage and cool old places that are still around. Here’s most of our happy bunch and the Long Island branch of the Retro Roadgirls!

The Cutchogue Cuties!
With a day of driving and adventure ahead of us we ate our fill and left this great gem of a place happy, knowing that it was appreciated by both locals and vacationing folks alike. If you’re ever on the North Fork, put a fork in it at the Cutchogue Diner!

Cutchogue Diner Exterior

Cutchogue Diner on Urbanspoon

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  • Now you gone and added another things to my “to-do” list 🙂

    I love the color scheme and the stools!

    • It was a really cool little diner, and the color scheme was neat indeed- always nice to visit a non 1950’s style diner for a change!

      This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as my Long Island visit goes, I’ve got tons of photos to share and cool old places to recommend!

  • Suzanne

    Now I really want to go back and explore more of the North Fork with you!! The photos look great – can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  • Always a favorite!. Have not been there in over 18 years.