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Trailer Park Lounge NYC – Kitschy Cool Trailer Trash in New York City New York, NY

Posted on: June 12, 2009

While the Trailer Park Lounge  is technically more retro than vintage, the sheer volume of kitschy old signage and memorabilia make it one of the more visually interesting places to grab a bite and a beer in the big city.

Trailer Park Lounge Neon New York City Retro Roadmap

While the cuisine isn’t anything revolutionary, we dug our huge burgers and beer special, and delighted in the visual overload from floor to ceiling. It was cool to see all sorts of original vintage bar signs, tv shows, lamps, um TRAVEL TRAILER, and photos while we waited to be served. Granted this “decorate with stuff” thing has also been done to death by the chains, Disney et al, but since this is a one off place, and had such a cool collection of unique vintage items,  it didn’t strike me as lame as it does when you’re at TGI-whatevers in the mall.

When visiting friends in the Chelsea neighborhood, my sis-in-law says her kids love to go here since there’s mac and cheese on the menu. Can’t hurt to get the kiddles interested in what things used to look like in the old days  I say!
Trailer Park Lounge & Grill on Urbanspoon

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  • Suzanne McGillicuddy

    Hey – that’s right by my job – it is kitschy fun and the drinks are pretty cheap too!

  • Mark Eichelberger

    Bill and I stopped in here after a friend of ours recommended it. The food was nothing great, but the place is so crammed full of kitsch, you just had to sit there and marvel at it all.

    • modbetty

      Yes, talk about Volume Volume Volume, there was such cool kitsch everywhere we looked I could not help but add it to the map. It’s hard to find original cool places in NYC because everything changes so often, but I’ve got a list to check out for every visit we make to the city.