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Wonder Bar Worcester MA – Their Bar Style Pizza is Wunderbar! Worcester, MA

Posted on: May 21, 2013

Wonder Bar Worcester MA – Their Bar Style Pizza is Wunderbar!

121 Shrewsbury St. Worcester MA 01604

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Worcester Mass has a lot to offer the Retro Roadmap type visitor, and it’s not just diners! Take the tasty thin crust pizza and vintage ambiance of the Wonder Bar on Shrewsbury Street.

Mod Betty was intrigued enough by their fab neon sign to drag the ENTIRE Retro Roadfam there, and I’m pleased to report that Retro Roaddad proclaimed it to be the best place I’ve dragged them to so far. High praise!

Wonder Bar Worcester MA Pizza Neon Sign

I want to point out that we weren’t technically hauling the Retro Roadkiddles into a dingy and dubious bar per-se. While the Wonder Bar does actually have a small bar in the back of the room, and does serve alcohol, it’s more of a restaurant. See for yourself:

Wonder Bar Worcester MA - Interior

Now here’s where the lives of Mod Betty and “Antique Beth” get confusing: Where normally I’ll try to find out some history of the places we visit from the waitstaff, this time it was near impossible, as our large group, with two hungry Roadkids, was almost too unweildy as we invaded the previously serene restaurant.

Hats off to our waitress, who helped get the kids’ hands clean, take our order and put up with the boisterous table in the front corner. With her hands full of us and wanting to stay on her good side, I played the role of Auntique Beth, leaving Mod Betty’s assignment for another time. That said, I promise to follow up and get the historic details real soon. (But why should you wait to enjoy the Wonderbar, just because Mod B is a phone-aphobe :-))

Speaking of waiting – while waiting for our order of various “bar-style” pizzas to arrive, Mod B/ Autique B gave the Retro Roadkids a lesson on how to use a jukebox. Now this was a newer CD-filled Wurlitzer juke box, but its just a matter of time before CDs go the way of the 78.

Wonder Bar Worcester MA - Jukebox Hero

“But wait, backup a bit,” I hear you say, “I thought you claimed this wasn’t ‘really’ a bar. Then what’s up with Bar Style Pizza?”- Lemme ‘splain:

Another subgenre of regional foods, “bar pizza” or “bar pie” is indigenous to various enclaves in Massachusetts and the Northeastern region of the country. Though I’m most familiar with the pizza found on the South Shore, this was the previously unknown the Central Mass version. Small 12″ pizzas with thin crust, they are one of the things that Mod B misses about her home state. Can you see why? Tangy, crispy – nom!

Wonder Bar Worcester MA - Pizza

Like George’s Coney Island and their hot dogs, the Wonder Bar is famous for their pizza, but they have other primarily Italian specialties on their menu. And, much to the delight of Retro Roadboy, they even had chocolate pudding. If the tike is to be believed, he claimed he had never had chocolate pudding, so before we even placed our lunch order we made sure he would be able to have some pudding for dessert.

Wonder Bar Worcester MA - Pudding

Mission accomplished!

So if you’re in Worcester and don’t feel the call of the diner food, stop by the Wonder Bar for some Good Food. Their neon doesn’t lie!~

Wonder Bar Worcester MA - Good Food

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  • Ellen Contreras

    The greatest thing about bar pizza is that it is, as Ed says, “a very forgiving style. Once you enter the realm of bar pizza, basically anything goes.” You like cheddar cheese? Go for it. Prefer a sauce of fresh rather than cooked tomatoes? That’s your prerogative too. Once you get the basic method down for achieving that perfectly crisp and crunchy chew, topping variations can be as wild or as tame as you’d like them to be.