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Mid Mod Medical Building Photo Op Havre de Grace MD

Posted on: May 3, 2009

Fans of Mid Century Modern architecture will be delighted to see this building juxtaposed with the giant Victorian houses around it.



Take a closer look at those Panton -esque curtains, I bet they’ve been there since the place was built!

Panton Curtains


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  • This building was for sale this past year. My Sister and I have an antique booth in Havre de Grace. We specialize in Retro items so I thought this would be perfect for our store. We where luckey enough to tour the building and take a few photos. You could be right about those curtains because almost everything is original. I love this building and would have bought it but hubby thought it was too expensive. You can read more about our tour on my blog:

    • Jolene – how cool that you got to check out the inside of that building! I thought it was so unique, especially surrounded by the Victorian homes in the area. Thanks for sharing the sneak peek inside with your link!