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Calling All Retro Roadmap Sleuths! Mystery “Dad Men” Slides

Posted on: October 30, 2009

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of content this week,  I’ve actually been busy reviewing slides of my dad’s that I got scanned. It’s quite a trip back into a time before I was born, when my dad was a handsome young buck in the Navy. In these he’s just about the same age as the young execs in my fave TV show Mad Men, so I have dubbed this collection of slides “Dad Men” 🙂

I came across a few slides that I thought might be of interest to to Retro Roadmap Readers, and I was wondering if any of you might know where they were taken? I can ask dad next time I see him but I don’t think he’ll know them by my description over the phone.

These were taken some time in the late 50’s early 60’s- pre 1963, the year my folks were married. Probably in the MA, NH, RI area from the looks of the surrounding photos. Any ideas, sleuths?

dad-men-thrifty-ranch-market-accident-retro-roadmap(That’s my dad in green with the jaunty hat!)

dad-men-belmont-motel-accident-retro-roadmap(it’s funny b/c the scan place said this one above was Bad Media, but I think it’s a total keeper!)


OK all you Joe Hardys and Nancy Drews, let’s see if we can find out something about these!

I’m heading down to Rehoboth Beach DE for the weekend and have a number of old “haunts” to visit for Retro Roadmap— just in time for Halloween!

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  • I dig these pictures! The Chevy in the second picture looks like it’s crying.

  • aubrey

    “Bad Media” my arse. That one is fantastic. Great post. Great slides.

  • Mike

    Nice shots. The poor, rear-ended VW is a ’66 model. So you can date these particular shots about then or shortly after. Keep the old pics coming!


    • Mike- thanks for the tip! I was showing my dad the slides on my computer a couple of weekends ago, and while unfortunately he isn’t able to remember any of the details anymore, every little bit helps. Neat thing I noticed looking at the high res versions was you can see a couple of ladies looking out of the window of the motel at the crash!

      • Mike

        Hi again…the license plates look like Colorado with the green and white. And the silver brackets on below the VW’s rear window is a ski rack; it all adds up!

        Ok, great blog once again…I’ll stop now before I become annoying! 🙂

        • Mike- good sleuthing! I’m looking at the slides that have been returned and seeing if I can’t determine which ones went together- I think that will give me a clue!