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Giant Roadside Rooster – It Can Be Yours!

Posted on: May 22, 2010

While driving down any roadside, a giant chicken will certainly make you stop and take notice, and indeed we did. And the cool thing about this one is if you have $1700 laying around, it can be yours!

Roadside Rooster
Proudly overlooking route 22 in Duncannon PA, this big bird is for sale at Farmer Boy Furniture. I immediately thought of the Fiberglass Rooster Conspiracy as outlined over at RoadsideGalore, and had to snap a photo to add to Fuzzy’s map of oversized broilers!

Nothing says “we’re on a road trip” more than seeing an oversized tacky animal when out for a drive!

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  • Fantastic! Since I found one last year, I’ve been trying to keep tabs on where these fellas are.

    The one we found was in Berrien Springs in Michigan:

    • Good to know! After seeing this random gent along the roadside and Martha’s chix we’re a bit smitten with these big birds – will keep a look out too!

    • Christina

      I know where a 12foot fiberglass chicken is for sale in Southern Michigan. It is believed that it was made in the 1950s and there aren’t many around any more. I send a picture if you are interested. Email me at for more information.

  • Always a highlight of any road trip! One of our favorite clusters of giant roosters is the flock at Magic Forest in Lake George.

    And yes, we will add one or two of these to our “family” at some point!

  • One of our regrets about going to Lake Geo on the off season is that not everything was open- and the oversized everything at Magic Forest taunted us as we drove past the closed signs every day.

    Am SO curious as to how you folks found your family? I could see us adding a statue or two to the Hacienda at some point!