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Heart- Breaking News – Freda Hirsch’s Store in Phoenixville Closed

Posted on: June 20, 2010

Heard yesterday from a Retro Roadmap reader that Freda Hirsch’s store in Phoenixville was closed when they went to visit on Friday, and this morning I find this message from Chuck Hirsch, her son, via the Freda’s Store Facebook page:

Freda Hirsch, The Legend

I am very sorry to announce that we have closed Freda’s Store.
it was just getting to hard for her. But , on the other hand she is still in pretty good health at 92.
My Mom (Freda) will be residing at Atria Woodbridge in Phoenixville off Route 113.
If you are in the area please come and visit, she would love to see you.

God Bless Your Day Freda & Irv

I would also like to let everyone know that we can not let the store close with a whimper.
We will set a date and officially close Freda’s Store with a ROAR. We will let you know when.

Chuck Hirsch

Hirsch's Market Window
I knew there would come a day that I’d walk past Freda’s store and the Closed sign would be up permanently, I’m only glad for my sake it happened when we were out of town. We wish the very best for Freda and her family, and you bet we’ll keep Retro Roadmap readers posted on her doings, as well as the official closing activities.

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  • Thanks for sharing this story.

  • Ahhh, an era comes to a close. Wishing the best for Freda and her family.

    • Me too, WV, me too. Thanks for chiming in, I know Freda would appreciate all of the fans – even the ones she’s never met!

  • Tootles

    Thank you for recognizing this lovely woman and her great store! I wish her well in her new environs.

    I had 3 little stores like this in the small town I grew up in. What fond memories I have of going to the one up the street from my grandmother’s house to get her something she needed to fix dinner with.

    Or the one “downtown” that served the best homemade ice cream and cherry Cokes along with the penny candy counter from heaven. We used to go there at lunch time when I was in elementary school on the way to the public library to check out books. The owner was a distant cousin, George, and he was a dear.

    The third was closer to my own home, a meat market, as they used to call them, with a delightful selection of luncheon meats and sundry grocery items and, of course, the bottled soda pop, ice cream, and penny candy counters were amazing. The proprietor was my next door neighbor. I loved both him and his wife; so kind and funny and generous.

    All three stores had unfinished wooden floors, handmade counters and shelving, large white and glass cooler displays, like Ms. Hirsch’s, and I miss them and their owners terribly. What a delight it was to shop like that way back then. It certainly beat going to a large, impersonal supermarket with far too many choices and much higher prices.

    Love your blog!

    • Tootles – Thanks for sharing your memories of the places like Mrs. Hirsch’s that are unfortunately disappearing at a rapid rate. I knew it couldn’t last and can only thank my lucky stars that I finally went through with my promise to myself to take photos of her and her shop just a couple of months ago. She is a sweet dear of a woman and I truly hope she’ll do well without the routine of her shop. I was going to walk past today with the dog but I couldn’t bear it. I wonder if there will be any places like this left in another 50 years? Let’s hope so. Please stop by the Retro Roadmap anytime!