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Oh No! Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum Destoyed By Fire sez Lincoln Highway News

Posted on: July 6, 2010

Good News! Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum has reopened! (Feb 2011)


Original Post:

From Brian Butko at the Lincoln Highway News, I’m just alerted to the sad report that Mr .E’ds Elephant Museum in central PA has been destroyed by fire, but he vows to rebuild!

Read the details of the Mr. Ed’s Fire here on the Lincoln Highway News– and a speedy recovery to the pachyderms at Mr. Eds!

Perhaps we can all send Mr. Ed some elephants to restart his collection! So sad.

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  • Oh no! My mom just sent me this link, to the daughter who collects elephants. I would totally send him one of my own if he’s interested, I’d be honored 🙂

    • Erika – good news is that Mr. Eds is open again! We’re hoping to swing by there soon, if they’re looking for elephants to add to their collection I’ll totally send word out. Thanks for thinking of them!