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Retro Valentine! Date Night with Herb Alpert and Lani Hall

Posted on: February 12, 2011

RetroRoadhusband, the dear, just surprised me with a fabulous Valentines gift – 2 tickets for us to go see Herb Alpert (of The Tijuana Brass) and Lani Hall (his wife and ex-lead singer of Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66.) These are two of my fave easy listening / jazz  1960’s music groups and I can’t wait to see the show at the historic Keswick Theatre in Glenside PA next Friday!

I used to listen to Whipped Cream and Other Delights while dancing around the basement when I was growing up, and I’ve continued to be a fan of Alpert’s interpretations of standards and his originals. Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66’s album Look Around is one I picked up while thrifting when we were engaged to be married and it always brings good memories!

We’ll start off the evening with a few cocktails at our fave vintage inspired bar / lounge / restaurant The Blue Comet just down the road from the theatre. We love the vibe and food there, and are so glad this rockabilly haven has reopened.

ahh, cocktails

Now I just have to figure out what to WEAR! 🙂

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  • sewkate

    OMG!! My valentine would soooo love this!

    • Kate- Husb indicated that he got the tix just this past week and there were still decent seats left- get a babysitter and come along with us! We’ll have Manhattans at the Blue Comet then pretend to be 60’s grownups at the show!

  • Amy

    Nice! Hope you have a great time.

  • ModBetty: all I can say is that I have a picture of you as Cinderella, singing and walking down the lane while all around you the ghosts of the past come to life and land twittering on your finger. GOOD GOD. This is amazing!

    • Wow, John I’m flattered- I reckon I just have a nose for the old cool stuff. Please feel free to join us, there’s no reason we should keep the fun to ourselves!

  • George

    That was a favorite album back in the 60’s. I think I gave it away when we switched to CDs. Saw Herb on TV recently. Doesn’t look his age at all.

    • George- my friends and I always laugh that you can’t look through the record bins at a thrift store without coming across at least one copy of this album – I bet one of us (or our thrifting kindred spirits) has your copy! And I was very excited to get this when it first came back on CD. I’m lucky in that RetroRoadhusband finagled a turntable and hooked it up to our hi-fi so now we can listen to all of the Tijuana Brass albums we’ve thrifted, a perfect thing to do on a Sunday morning.

  • Ha! My husband just set up his record player and this was the record he decided to play tonight! 🙂

  • EP

    From one of your ’60s groupies, Mod Betty! I still have that album in the ‘r&r’ (that’s retrieved/rescued) stash somewhere in our basement (saving it from water damage due to a small flood some 2 years ago). Never forgot that album cover–what a fuss when it 1st came out lo these many years ago!

    • EP – always a pleasure when you drop by! I can imagine that album cover was quite risque back in the day- Herb said many people remember him just for that!