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I Got a (Vintage Marquee) Letter in The Mail, from Bay City Cargo

Posted on: March 8, 2011

I could not resist the pun when I realized I got a “letter” in the mail! (even though that’s usually Eccentric Roadside’s area of expertise!)

Letter B - Vintage Marquee Letter From Bay City Cargo

I have been in touch recently with  Mike of Bay City Cargo in Belfast Maine- who has the world’s largest collection of vintage theater marquee letters. He is also the owner of The Colonial Theatre in Belfast, ME – which often gets confused (URL-wise) with my Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA 🙂 What a small cool world.

If you are interested in buying some cool old vintage letters from theaters, casinos, restaurants and more, check their listings on eBay. They also sell new letters for your marquee, in case you’re not into the “ransom note” look of mismatched letters.

I could not help but think of this Sesame Street video from The Beetles when I opened the package.

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  • How cool is that! I love the metal letters that Bay City Cargo carries 🙂

    Burning Bridge Antiques, in Columbia, PA, had a bathtub full of marquee letters in their shop last summer (I believe that they were from a theater in Dallastown). I couldn’t find both of my initials; so I bought and “R” & a “W” thinking that I would use them to style a new header for my site … I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  • That’s B-yond compare!

  • The whole state of Maine fell off a retro cliff long ago. We are so far behind the real world we are completely preserved as if in aspic. Take a ride and see the wild coast of Maine. We ain’t got no interstate on the coast so ride slow. We’d love to see you in Belfast, Maine. Thank you for the nice words Ms. MB/ Mike

    • Mike- I love Maine and was actually going to try and plan a visit up there this summer! I haven’t been up the coast proper in ages, but if I remember the stories correctly that’s where my grandmother and grandfather went on their honeymoon. Will let you know if we’re ever in the Belfast area for sure!

  • maybe they stayed at Moody’s Diner? Hope we can welcome you to Belfast. Mike