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Not in Ohio but Louisville KY – Go Figure!

Posted on: March 22, 2011

Saw this great old theatre sign behind the Brown Hotel – where we’re currently waiting for a Hot Brown!

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  • George

    Hope you got a few shots of the building the sign is on. Great Art Deco!

  • dinerman

    Funny thing is, there is no building! Just the sign, the front doors and some murals.

    • I know, wasn’t that odd? It seemed like a turnaround for a tourist trolley. We did get some good shots of the Palace theatre not even a block down.

  • Oh I LOVE hot browns from the Brown. They are the best hot browns on the planet.

  • Lori

    Hot Browns are the BEST! (and I have the recipe…somewhere around here…)

    If you’re still in Louisville, you MUST go to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe! You’ll love it, Beth! (Oh, and let me know if they’re still selling Magic Pants!) They have awesome food..and LOTS of it! It’s the quirkiest place EVER!