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Want a FREE Retro Roadmap T-Shirt? Comment! [CONTEST]

Posted on: May 28, 2014

Mod Betty is in a Giving kinda mood, so she’s giving away some tee shirts!

Want one?

To paraphrase my pal Kelly at the Velveteen Lounge Kitschen… ALL YOU DO IS…find a Retro Roadmap post (on this here website, not the FB page or any other place) that you like, and leave a comment on it!

Retro Roadmap Tee Shirts


I recently revamped my commenting system, and realized there has been a lack of engagement over here at the Retro Roadmap website (dang you, Facebook!) so here’s my way of saying “come on over and check out the site!


I’ll collect up the names of everyone who has commented between now and midnight on Friday May 30th, put the names in a hat and draw TWO winners – one for a men’s tee and one for a womens tee. (In the interest of full disclosure, the only sizes of Mens Tees I have are the black ones in L and 2XL. Ladies are the white shirts on the left.)

Want to win one? Start commenting and have fun!

Mod B

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  • Scott Marks

    So I can just comment on how nice the shirts look?

    • Well…technically it would be better if you commented on one of the posts about one of the places on here, but this will count as an offician entry 🙂

  • Rosemarie Cook

    O.. pick me! I would love to represent!!

  • Jenny

    I’m commenting here and hope that’s what you intended- pretty confusing for a tired fan. Love everything about Retro Roadmap. We’re going to cross the Chain O’ Rocks Bridge in a couple of weeks with the Route 66 Illinois Tour group!
    Also, is it correct that T-shirts and ball caps can be purchased here for those who don’t win?

  • Thomas

    BL, Just looking at your “Our Online Pals” listings and searching through their sites it’s all just so enjoyable. The best thing about Retro Roadmap is your message. Telling people to…hey…get out there, find your old Retro memory, make new ones with the family or on a date and share the experience and drive some business to these mom and pop treasures that were losing at an alarming rate. Your own personable “Wally World” is out their waiting to be found so find it and report back. Love what your doing in helping to preserve the history. (Male Black Tee 2XL) Should do the trick !! 🙂

    • Thomas – thanks for the kind words and encouragement! Always glad to know what what I’m doing is getting through to people and motivating them. Especially since I still haven’t figured out how to make money from the site without junking it all up, the feedback that I’m on the right track is my best kind of reward!

  • Jeanne Lozier

    I love Retro Roadmap and wanted to do something similar but don’t have the time to do so and your doing such a thorough job don’t even see the need. I do see we have taken some of the same pictures. Hope to send you some unique pictures soon. I would love a t-shirt! Peace…!! Jeanne

    • Jeanne –
      I’ll be honest – Retro Roadmap pretty much takes up all of my free time outside of my full time day job that actually pays the bills.

      Even when I’m not working on it I feel like I should be – or that I want to! So I’ll be out in the garden weeding, but thinking of the writing I need to catch up on, or that I need to get a newsletter together or review my Google Analytics. If I didn’t love Retro Roadmap so much I wouldn’t devote the time to it – but you’re spot on if you realize before you even start that it can take over your life!

      Glad to know all of my efforts are helping out other folks like you – since I don’t get paid to do the site (yet!) that is what really counts 🙂

  • David

    I loved the post on 4-3-23 concerning Retro RoadMap pre 1990’s and the internet. This is how I still RoadTrip. My written journal, postcards and more classic collectibles, paper maps and vintage guidebooks. We do use the net for research and a private blog of our journeys that one day we’ll make into a printed book for family and friends. We love the blue highways and forgotten towns and corners of America. We love Retro Roadmap and draw great inspiration from it. Love the T’s. Hope to win. Keep up the incredible effort.

    • David – what a cool idea to still Road Trip the old fashioned way – I try to use as many resources both old and new, and still collect all sorts of vintage ephemera on every trip. Thanks for the kind words and see you on the road!

  • Violette Bleu

    Love how you found the Sunset Drive In!
    This is one retro fun item that I would like to see make a come back ; )
    Suggestion: though I like and would keep the categories menu maybe more articles or an archive section?

    • Hello VB – just curious if the Categories dropdown in the top blue bar at the top of the site appears for you? If you click one of those it takes you to a page where you can select even more sub-categories under that heading. Let me know if this doesn’t appear for you – I may have to review my design!

  • Did I win? Does my name have to go into a hat? Can’t I just win?

  • Jennifer Rose Massetti Still

    These are so cute!!! I would love to win one 🙂

  • Conrad Zimmer
  • Color me jealous! Hope you have a blast hon!