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Aqua & White Nash Metropolitan – Swoon!

Posted on: June 8, 2014

Every time I drive past this adorable little vintage car I smile!

Aqua White Nash Rambler Vintage Car
It’s owned by my neighbor down the street and she’s promised to give me the details on it AND take me for a spin in it this summer. Isn’t it just too cute for words?!

A total Mod Betty Mobile 🙂

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    How could a 50s girl have gotten her crinoline in there?

  • Gunnar

    Love these, especially in that color combo. And a convertible, to boot. Hubba, hubba!

  • Michael Boyink

    You know of this song? 😉

    I owned a Rambler (another model) for a couple of years. I had custom plates that said STCKN2ND but no one ever got it.

    • Ha! Yes! I remember that song from when I was a kid but didn’t get the Nash connection until I actually saw one. BOY are they tiny – they just make you wanna give ’em a hug!

      Maybe people got the license plate but weren’t able to let you know. I’m always trying to solve them like puzzles on the road.